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Fostering a healthy future for your child starts with Universal Primary Care's pediatricians. Whether you have an eye on your due date, or have a young adult that is applying to college, your child will receive the most comprehensive and nurturing pediatric care possible at UPC. We are proud to extend our hand in service to both you and your family in Cuba, NY. If you are in the market for a new primary care doctor for your child, we know how important your child's health is to you, and they will be in good hands with our pediatricians. We are honored that you are considering our caring and qualified pediatrics team for your child's care.

At Universal Primary Care, Your Child is Family

As part of our pediatric practice, you will learn from the onset that our pediatricians have close-knit relationships with every parent and child. Our doctors will guide you through your child's health and growth through every checkup and visit, right up to and through their tweens and teens. Each family that joins Universal Primary Care's practice becomes our family; from runny noses to the growing pains of puberty, our practice is centered around the complete sensitivity and consideration of each individual child.

Pediatrics is a specialty that we take great pride in, you can rest assured that UPC's pediatric doctors have experience providing specialized care for newborns, toddlers and young adults. Our team of Pediatricians understands the importance of the special needs that young patients require and we know that those needs are significantly different than those of an adult.

Our Pediatric Services Include:

  • Prenatal and Newborn Patient Care
  • Teen and Young Adult Patient Care
  • Regular Health Checkups and Routine Screenings
  • Yearly Physicals and Immunizations
  • Acute Illness Care and Specialist Referrals
  • Wellness Visits
  • Sporting and School Examinations
  • Urgent Care Appointments and much more

Pediatrics and Family Health in Cuba, NY

UPC Health offers a variety of healthcare services in Cuba, NY that are uniquely trained to provide family care from childhood to adulthood. That means that our stellar team of doctors will not only be dedicated to your child's health during childhood, but throughout the span of their entire life, so your child can keep our physicians all the way into adulthood. This also means we can provide care to your entire family. Our doctors will form intricate relationships with your family as a whole. A healthy family makes for a happy family.

At Universal Primary Care, there is no health concern too big or too small. Our caring team is here to answer any of your questions or concerns to ensure that your child has the best care at any age. Please feel free to contact us at 716-375-7500 or here to make an appointment. One of our caring staff members will help walk you through the process to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

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