Meaningful Use


Patients & General Public:

For the last two years we have been EHR Meaningful Use stage 2 certified in health Information technology, and are working towards Stage 3 certification. Meaningful Use helps make it possible for us to help patients and their doctors and staff manage their care more safely and accurately by using software programs effectively.  By participating in this certification we have:

  • Improved patient’s quality, safety, and efficiency of care while reducing health disparities 
  • Engaged patients and families more in their care
  • Improved care coordination, follow ups, preventive health, and population and public health for patients
  • Maintained privacy and security of patient health information

According to the Meaningful Use objectives, ultimately, it is hoped that the meaningful use compliance and certification will result in:

  • Better monitoring, health, and clinical outcomes for patients
  • Improved group/human population health outcomes by addressing a broader range of factors shown to impact the health of different populations
  • Increased communication with patients, educating patients and engaging with them, as well as coordinating effectively between health care teams and patients
  • Empowering individuals to assist more with managing and being responsible for their healthcare
  • Adhering to best practice clinical guidelines while monitoring and  tracking specific outcomes

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