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Universal Primary Care is home to New York State's only Rural 1-2 Track Family Residency Program

The Rural 1-2 Track Family Residency Program is a two part program.  After completing medical school and their first year of residency in an urban setting, resident physicians then complete their training in rural hospitals and health centers.  Each of UPC's resident physicians attended medical school and year one residency in Buffalo before transferring to Universal Primary Care to complete their rural health residency training.  This program helps prepare physicians for careers in rural medicine.  The program is sponsored by the State University of New York at Buffalo Medial School and Olean General Hospital (member of the Upper Allegany Health System).  The residency program is committed to excellence in patient care and the education of students, resident physicians, physicians, patient and staff.  Many general practitioners have completed similar training programs before staring their own practices and UPC is excited to be a part of training physicians in rural medicine.

Why train resident physicians to become family practice specialist in Olean, NY?

1. To improve the quality of care!
Multiple studies have shown that hospitals and organizations that provide residency programs have better outcomes than comparable sized hospitals and healthcare organizations that do not

2. To address patient healthcare disparities!
Rural Americans are often faced by healthcare disparities including cultural and social differences, economic disparities, geographic isolation, higher rates of health risk behaviors and chronic illness, and limited employment opportunities.  Part of training providers in rural medicine is helping them to identify these disparities and discovering ways to overcome them within their resident practices and beyond in their own practices. 

3. To address the rural physician shortage in our area!
The average age of physicians in our community is rapidly increasing with many physicians due to retire in the next several years.  The best way to address this crisis is to train physicians within our community.  75% of resident physicians who train in rural areas establish their own practice in rural areas. 

Why choose to see a resident at UPC?

1. The rural residency program is highly competitive, with over 800 applicants for every position.  On national testing, every one of our resident physicians is above average. 

2. UPC's resident physicians see patients during extended hours (Monday evening clinic) and are scheduled so that they can spend more time with their patients during each office visit. 

3. Residents are supervised by an established attending physician during every aspect of their education here at UPC.  Essentially, providing patients with the care of two physicians who are invested in the best outcome(s) in your care.

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